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We Participate In The Digital Literacy Movement

Basic-Internet looks to close the digital literacy gap by providing affordable internet service & computers to low income families.

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Digital Subscriber Line

High Bandwidth


No Dial-up

High Speed Internet



Mobile Hotspots

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infinity smart tablet(update)

Infinity Smart Tablet

(Embedded sim)

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Couple in park

Why add Wi-Fi to a coffee cup? Potentially, you are asking this question. Rather than indulge you with a highly intelligent incomprehensible answer, I submit to you the following question. Why add Wi-Fi to anything other than a computer? The […]


What if Wi-Fi availability was not a pre-requisite for visiting the local coffee shop. I am not talking about your widely accepted “I need to wake up now” brands like Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts. I am speaking about your genuine […]

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