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Jurupa Unified School District

The Future is Education

Our youth and college students are the future and driving force of the global internet era. We want to ensure that no one is left behind in the digital literacy movement.

Basic-Internet -

Service for the Classroom and Beyond


kid classroom tablet


Education and Disability Program

Unlimited high speed data-NO THROTTLING!!
300 anytime minutes with roaming/LD
(includes US, Puerto Rico and American Virgin Islands)
Unlimited texting to include picture messaging as well
5 GB of tethering
Free Music streaming
Free data/texting in over 200 Countries
(speed depends on the Country they are in)

Accompanying Device

Infinity Smart Tablet

infinity smart tablet(update)

plus tax & shipping

7.85” display
1.2GHz quad-core processor
8 GB Memory
10 Point Touch Screen
USB Port and HDMI jack
Micro SD Card Slot (up to 32GB)
Android Jellybean Operating System
Google apps & widgets
Shipping $20.00

Home and Travel Package

Accompanying Device

Hotspot Sonic 2.0 4g LTE

Sonic-2-300x208(No TMobile)

Service Plan

plus tax & shipping

Sonic 2.0
Wi-fi USB Mobile Hotspot Super Fast LTE

Connects up to 8 Wi-Fi devices and share blazing fast 4G LTE. The Sonic 2.0 has color LCD display to manage all connection settings. Built in memory card slot for additional storage. (retail $89.00)
Shipping $20.00


(includes 2 mb free for life)

  • unlimited data
  • 1 GB of 4g service/month*
  •  $10.00 monthly + taxes
  • Free unlimited music streaming
    (i.e. Pandora, iHeart radio and more)
    monthly flat rate plan

(3GB and 5GB service plan options available for selection during checkout. Price is based on service plan selected during checkout.)

*Movie/video steaming is not recommended for T- mobile broad band service as it may deplete your purchase plan quickly.
*If the subscriber goes through their alloted GB during the month the service will throttle down to a slower speed and then reset for the new  month.

Educational Addons


Learn more about the Math Program by clicking the image above.

Tutoring Program $125/year or $12.50/month with 12 month subscription. Add during checkout.


Learn More About Our Education Partner by clicking the image above.